Why do I have to sign up to watch the videos?

My-GCSEscience.com has become a very popular site! In order to help manage it better and keep you informed of developments, we are asking for users to sign up. Once you do, you will have the same access as before and you can watch the videos and download the notes as many times as you want. And don’t worry, your details will not be shared with anyone.

Which videos are done?

All the videos for AQA Core, Additional and Separate Science are done. 230 in total.

Can I get a good grade just by watching the videos?

I would recommend using your revision guide/your notes and doing exam questions as well. The videos will give you a good grounding.

How do you make the videos?

I use a graphics tablet (£50), connected by USB to my computer, a standard headset (£15), and drawing software (lots of free, some paid available) and screen recording software (lots of free ones and some paid ones available).

Who are you?

A science teacher currently working in west London. More information on the ‘About’ page

What do I get if I subscribe?

You can see the details on the subscribe page here or there is a video explaining the features of the new site and subscription features. In a nutshell you get:

  • access to exam practice questions linked to every topic in additional and/or separate science. If you do past papers, not all topics are covered. Here, you get practise for every single topic.
  • All the answers, point by point, plus a commentary from me on each answer sheet.
  • You also get tips and pitfalls to avoid for every single topic.
  • A progress tracker that allows you to plan and organise your time for the remaining months or weeks
  • The website ads are also removed if you subscribe and if I add any more revision plus resources, you’ll get the updates for no extra cost. They’ll just be added to your subscription.

Are the questions just past paper questions?

No. They are questions that I have put together that have the look, feel and content of exam questions. Some are inspired by past paper questions but they are not copies. All my questions take into account the latest specifications (the questions are a match to the September 2015 exams)  with the correct content. There is also more limitation in the number of past papers available because of the removal of the module exams. If you subscribe, you will have access to practice questions for every single topic in the latest spec. Was a lot of hard work, but I got it done!

What about core science?

These will be available before the end of November.

How can I subscribe?

Click on the little button on the top left that says ‘subscribe’ and follow the links at the bottom of the page. The first page you can fill out yourself, then the second page needs to filled by your parent or person paying. If you start subscribing and don’t complete payment and come back later, you’ll have to log in then finish subscription to access the resources.

Is your website secure for payment?

All the payment transaction are dealt with by PayPal. I don’t get any access to credit card details. Once you reach the PayPal page when subscribing, you are on their page with all the associated safeguards.


I want even more help!

Have a look at the Facebook page where I add useful information, tips and hints in the lead up to exams. I use Twitter for sharing updates.

Are you going to do A level Chemistry and Physics?

Not for now, because of the time it would take. If I spot something that is good, I’ll post it on the Facebook pages.

I’ve got a question or some feedback, how do I contact you?

You can use the contact form on this site.