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The new ‘9-1’ Science GCSE

The Science GCSE is changing…

…but if you’re in Year 11, you have nothing to worry about! In the summer of 2017 you’ll be taking the last Science exams under the old specification. This my-GCSEscience website has everything you need. It covers the entire AQA specification, topic by topic, across all of Core, Additional and Separate Science. The best online tutorials available, at a small fraction of the cost of a GCSE tutor.

Now, if you’re in Year 10…

…you’ll be one of the first to take the new 9-1 Science GCSE. But you don’t need to worry either… because my-GCSEscience has three experienced Science teachers, all subject specialists, working all-out to create the very best videos for the brand new specification, and we will be ready to launch an all-new my-GCSEscience website later this school year.

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The old Science GCSE specification

In the summer of 2017, the current Year 11 will be taking the last exams under the old specification GCSE. The results will be provided in the traditional style: A*, A, B, C and so on.

For a blog to explain the structure of the old system click here.

It takes a very long time to create the best Science learning videos, and our teachers are currently focusing on creating a whole new set for the new 9-1 GCSE. Hopefully we will create A Level Science videos in the future, but for now our priority is to nail the new GCSE specification. We have no plans to make A Level videos during this school year.

The new 9-1 Science specification

Then new grading system will apply to Maths and English for the first time in the summer of 2017. For all other subjects, including Science, the new grading system will apply from the summer of 2018.

The Department for Education has created a graphic to illustrate how the new ‘9-1’  grading system compares to the traditional system. Click here to see it.

We don’t have a date as yet. For the latest news on the launch, follow us on Facebook, and submit your details on the form above.

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