Success stories

Testimonials from My GCSE Science students and their parents.

I just wanted to say thank you. My grand-daughter has just received her mock exam results. She’s gone from 5s in sciences to 8 in Physics, 7 in Biology and 7 in Chemistry! December 2018

SylviaDecember 2018

@MyGSCEScience. I’ve only been using your revision tool since September but it’s made such a difference! I got a 4-3 in science in July, then after using My GCSE Science I got a 7-6, only a few months later!! Thank you! December 2018

RachelDecember 2018

The videos, note sheets and checklists were what really helped me to achieve a grade 8 in both Chemistry and Biology, and a grade 7 in Physics which for me was actually so shocking because I got a grade 3 for my mock exams and was predicted a grade 5. Thank you once again and keep doing what you’re doing. It really did help change my life in a way, because I was able to get into the sixth form I wanted to go to, and I’ll be able to study the course I wanted to study. August 2018

Priyanka PAugust 2018

Thank you for the superb materials. My son got three grade 3s in the January mocks and his teachers predicted grade 4s. I signed him up to for My GCSE Science. He got 7-8-9 in the real exams and this was largely down to My GCSE Science. Outstanding from yourselves in all ways. August 2018

Mr ThompsonAugust 2018

I achieved a 9 in Biology, an 8 in Chemistry and a 7 in Physics which really surprised all my teachers as I got all 5s in my mocks! And it was all thanks to My GCSE Science which helped me soooooooo much. So, thank you! August 2018

Eve KAugust 2018

@MyGSCEScience. I was hospitalised for surgery and had the four months leading up to exams out of school, so I had to self-teach quite a few of my subjects, including the sciences. I ended up with 8s in Chemistry and Biology, and a 7 in Physics – a subject I truly thought I’d fail! Definitely by far the best revision source for science, I 100% recommend it to everyone and would suggest everyone uses the exam-style practice questions continuously throughout revision! Thank you! 😉 August 2018

AichaAugust 2018

I’d been predicted 6-7 since Year 9 for my sciences and I was really struggling in tests. But I decided at the start of Year 11 I was going to use My GCSE Science to help. I’m proud to say I achieved a 9 in Physics and Biology and an 8 in Chemistry, something that I would not have thought possible at the start of Year 11. I want to thank you for the great revision resources as they have really helped me. August 2018

Nia HAugust 2018

At the start of Year 11, I was on a steady grade 4. Science seemed too much to learn in such a short time. I wasn’t organised and had little confidence in the subject. As soon as I’d created an account on My GCSE science and saw the organisation and layout, it motivated me to watch every video and learn what I needed to learn. My teachers predicted a grade 5-5, but I wanted to do better. So I revised on My GCSE science and I reckon 90% of what I learnt was through your site. It gave me confidence going into the exams. I achieved a grade 8-8  for my final result and I couldn’t be any happier. Thank you for your amazing website. August 2018

Josh PAugust 2018

My daughter received 2 x 9 (Physics and Biology) and 1 x 8 (Chemistry). She received a 4 in her Physics mock, a 6 in the Biology mock and a 6 in her Chemistry mock. She used your site for all her revision for her final exams which according to her pulled her grades up. Thank you very much. August 2018

Mrs CoxAugust 2018

Many thanks for providing support, motivation and confidence to my son, who has just collected his GCSE results today. He has done fantastically well. From a mock result earlier this year of grade 4 and 5s, he has achieved double 7 grade in Combined Science, something we didn’t think possible 6 months ago. Having signed up for your website, he switched his revision from reading books to watching the topic videos, work sheets and the advice on how to answer model questions. All of this undoubtedly helped. Thank you again. August 2018

Mrs PalmerAugust 2018

I found your website really helpful and it truly bumped up my grades! I found all of your resources really useful and I watched every video for Triple Science. My results are: Biology 6, Physics 7, Chemistry 7. Thank you for helping me. I wouldn’t have been as confident going into my exams without you 🙂 August 2018

Abigail RAugust 2018

I received a 9-8 for my Combined Science and I could not be happier! I was struggling with revising from text books. They were long and boring and I wasn’t taking in the information properly. Your website was recommended to me and revising became so much easier. I was learning all the relevant information and understanding everything a lot better. The videos are so well put together and the information is so well relayed. I could not have got the grade that I got without you. You really were my saviours and I cannot express my gratitude enough to you guys. I will definitely be recommending you to other students! August 2018

Zainab AAugust 2018

At mocks my results for science were Physics 5, Chemistry 6, Biology 7. I subscribed before Easter, watched the videos and answered the exam-style questions. A fews day before each science exam I revised all the videos for a second time. My grades in the actual Combined Science GCSEs were 9-9. Just wanted to say thank you for turning things round! Your platform is amazing. August 2018

Patrick CAugust 2018

My daughter achieved grade 9 in Biology and 8s in Chemistry and Physics.  She found the video tutorials really useful and used them extensively.  Also the exam-style questions and model answers really helped me to assist her in her revision. I have recommended your website to others. Thank you. August 2018

Mrs CarterAugust 2018

Shout out to @MyGCSEScience for saving my ass and helping me achieve an 8 and a 7!! 🎉

FayeAugust 2018

After struggling in my mocks I was determined to find a website which would help me understand things in detail and how to apply that understanding. I got grade 5-6 in my mocks because of my lack of exam technique. My GCSE science mark schemes helped me learn to break down questions, to understand what the exam board would like for an answer and how to gain maximum marks. I received an 8-8 in my Combined Science GCSEs today. I would like to thank you all personally so much as I would not have been able to achieve this without your website. August 2018

Kerrith PAugust 2018

I used My GSCE Science from the very beginning and I can say that I have got a grade 9 in all of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. I cannot recommend this website enough! Thank you! August 2018

Sadia AAugust 2018

@MyGCSEScience – Your videos were incredible. I achieved a 9-9 in Combined Science and I wouldn’t have achieved the grades I did without your help. I used the note sheets while watching and revising the videos, and constantly re-did the exam-style questions to see if I improved my mark. Thank you SO much for creating a wonderful resource! August 2018

Katie BAugust 2018

Hey guys I just wanted to say thank you SO SO SO much for running your amazing website and courses. Thanks to you I was able to teach myself so thoroughly and with such a high quality that I achieved a 9 and two 8s in my results for Triple Science. I expected at most 7s so I was amazed!! Keep doing what you’re doing. I can’t recommend you enough!! Thanks so much again!!! August 2018

George GAugust 2018

Two 8s and a 7 !  Thank you, you were a major help for my daughter. I’ll be coming back for daughter number two this year! August 2018

Mrs HowcroftAugust 2018

I just wanted to say a Big Thank You to all at My GSCE Science. My son had a disaster in his mock Science GCSE receiving a grade 2. He found the amount of information overwhelming. I looked around and found ‘My GCSE Science’ and felt that the targeted videos and accompanying support was just what he needed, so I signed up. He was entered for Foundation level Double GCSE and yesterday received his results of 5-5! We couldn’t have asked for more. August 2018

Mrs WaldronAugust 2018

I just wanted to thank you. I ended up missing a whole year of science education but with your videos went from getting 2s to 9-9 in my GCSEs. Thank you so much! August 2018

Debbie BAugust 2018

Hi! I’m incredibly happy (and surprised) to share that I’ve been awarded a 9 in each science for the new AQA higher tier exams. I’m ecstatic! Thank you for all your help, the My GCSE Science website certainly played a large part in helping me to achieve these grades. August 2018

Sabrina CAugust 2018

@MyGCSEScience – An 8 and a 7!! I’m so shocked I can barely speak. I started 2018 with a 5, 4. Thank you thank you THANK YOU!!!! August 2018

Daisy HAugust 2018

@MyGCSEScience – Big shout out to you lot, cause of your videos I have a 6 and a 5 and I thought I was going to get 3s. Thanks for everything xx August 2018

OliviaAugust 2018

Thank you for the website, this has helped me achieve the grades 9-9 in Double Science. Without it I probably would not have got the grades. So thank you! August 2018

Connor SAugust 2018

I used My GCSE Science for all of my revision and I got a 9 in Biology, a 7 in Chemistry and a 6 in Physics! Thank you so much for the videos and practice papers they helped so much! August 2018

Kirsty BAugust 2018

Oh my god, 8-8! Thank you, the website was a great help! 😊 August 2018

Stanley BAugust 2018

I just wanted to say thank you so much for making the videos, and having the exam-style questions. My GCSE Science was the main source of my revision, and the videos really helped me understand everything more. I came out with 8s in Biology and Chemistry, and a 7 in Physics. Thank you! August 2018

Marisa WAugust 2018

Thank you, I got a U in Physics and a grade 6 in Chemistry in my mocks 2 months before my real exams and now I’ve ended up with grade 8s in both Chemistry and Physics! August 2018

Mintu SAugust 2018

Thank you so much for all your help, I got an 8 7 because of My GCSE Science!!!! 😭

Saara AAugust 2018

@MyGCSEScience – Science was never my strongest subject – I achieved 4s in the mocks. Since watching your videos I ended up achieving 7s in all three sciences. This wouldn’t have happened without your incredible videos! August 2018

Annia GAugust 2018

@MyGCSEScience – So thankful I came across My GCSE Science! It played a huge part in getting my two 9s and an 8 in the three science subjects. Thank you to all the teachers who made the videos! Definitely a top recommendation! 🙂 August 2018

Peter KAugust 2018

I’ve been going over the topics and doing the exam questions afterwards. It’s so handy and makes me so much more confident in Science! I’ve been able to see the similar questions that come up in the past papers so I feel more prepared for the exams. Thank you so much 😊 April 2018


HalimaApril 2018

I can’t thank you enough. I was predicted a 5 for my Biology and Chemistry GCSEs and in my mock exams I got a 7 in Biology and 9 in Chemistry, which I never thought I could achieve! Thank you so much! The videos are very helpful and the exam-style questions really gave me the confidence boost I needed. March 2018

StefanMarch 2018

I would just like to thank you so much because you got me a 7 in my mock exam for Double Science. I never thought this would be possible for me as my target was a 4. I am over the moon with my grade and it’s all down to this website. Thank you so much I am so happy! 😀 January 2018

JaneJanuary 2018

Just received my GCSE results and got A*s in all three sciences in the Triple Award. I had problems because of supply teachers at school for most of the year so I can hands down say I learned most of the content from this website. I purchased the full package and it was money well spent. I can’t express my appreciation enough for the website as it has helped me so much. Keep doing videos as you seriously are changing lives. Thanks again!

ZeenatAugust 2017

My daughter got 3 As in Triple Science thanks to your website. She subscribed about 6 weeks before the start of the exams and believes she wouldn’t have done that well without them having pretty much watched them solidly. She found the videos a lot easier to digest than trawling through the revision books! Thanks very much. I will definitely use you again for my son.

SophieAugust 2017

Thank you for the amazing videos, I wouldn’t have received the grades I did without them. I achieved two A*s in Chemistry and Physics, and an A in Biology. I would wholly recommend this to anyone considering a tutor as it was far better value for money and was so convenient as it’s online and accessible at all times.

KaiAugust 2016

I just wanted to say a huge thank you, as I achieved 3 A*s in Biology, Chemistry AND Physics due to this site! After having no luck with textbooks and tutors, I decided to give my-GCSEscience a go and it was so worth it! I would never have achieved the grades I did, and now I am able to study the Sciences at A-Level.

SarinaSeptember 2015

Just wanted to say thank you so much for your amazing videos!! I got an A* in both additional and further additional science (and maxed out on UMS for all of my further units!) and I would never have got it without your videos! I had a pretty bad physics teacher and understood nothing in class, but after watching your videos it ended up being my highest score!

AliceAugust 2017

I got a B and a C in Science GCSE thanks to your videos! School predicted me an E!

MegSeptember 2017

A huge thank you for all your help! I managed to get an A* in all of my Science exams this year. Thank you so much!

EllieAugust 2017

I got an A in Chemistry, an A in Physics and a B in Biology thanks to your videos – they helped a lot!

SobiaAugust 2017

Thanks very much for all the video support. Science is not one of my favourite subjects but my-GCSEscience made the courses easier for me – I achieved 3 As.

JoeAugust 2017

Words can’t express how important your videos have been for me. I’ve just got my results and in sciences I got an A* in Physics, and As in both Chemistry and Biology! Thank you so much.

FaizanAugust 2017

Thanks to your videos I got an A* in Chemistry and Biology and an A in physics !! Thank you!

EmilyAugust 2017

Thank you for getting me through Science and coming out with 3 A*s – I don’t know what I’d do without your videos 😂


I honestly swear that I would not have gotten an A* in Biology, Chemistry AND Physics if it wasn’t for you. You helped me understand topics which I had no clue about, I felt like I had a private tutor for a very cheap price. My GCSE Science is amazing.

NickyAugust 2015

Both of my daughters have used your resources. My younger daughter used your Core Science resources in Year 10 as she was struggling a little. She got an A! She now wants to get started earlier this year. My other daughter got two As! The videos have given them lots of support and confidence. Thank you! A great resource!

RachelSeptember 2016

My son used your videos for his GCSE revision. He got 3 A* … I recommend your videos to anyone revising for GCSE science. As a parent, I would say they are well worth the money you are charging for them – far, far better value than employing a private tutor.

KarenDecember 2014

Best investment I have made in my life – without My GCSE Science I couldn’t have got my 3 A* in Triple Science!!

RachelAugust 2016

Thank you for your videos and worksheets, I achieved 3 A*s purely by using them consistently along with my revision notes. They are so amazing and I went up by around two grades. Thank you so much, would definitely recommend to anyone!

AtiyaAugust 2016

Thank you so much for making all these videos! Before I started using them I was on Cs and Ds, I started watching them for my revision in the lead up to the exams and got As in Biology and Physics and a B in Chemistry! I can honestly say I couldn’t have done it without you!

AnnaNovember 2015

I just wanted to thank you for your resources. I achieved 3 A*s in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. This was definitely achieved with help from my-GCSEscience. I was on a C/D in Biology after my mocks at Christmas but managed to get an A*!

ElliotAugust 2016

These videos were all I watched for the past year revising for my GCSEs, and I achieved 2 A*s in Chemistry and Biology and an A in Physics – something that I thought was impossible for me. It was all down to the videos they were honestly amazing and I can’t thank or recommend My GCSE Science enough!

AmeliaAugust 2016

100% of my revision was through this site and I ended up with an A* in each science. Going from a current grade E in year 10 to a B in year 11 then a to an A* in the real exam was a progression I would not have been able to have achieved without My GCSE Science. Seriously good quality and tells you exactly what you need to know.

DavidAugust 2016