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My GCSE Science Revision Plus. Get hundreds of marks worth of practice questions for AQA GCSE science. Click the video to see what you get.

Click here to get a set of practice papers for separate science, with answers, delivered to your door. The pack includes a B3, C3 and P3 practice paper, answer booklets for each paper and supplementary materials.

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* NB paper sales end on Friday 2nd May 2014.


“Your my-GCSEscience videos are absolutely incredible and they have helped me so much and made me feel so much more confident about my exams.”

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“Our daughter, a few months ago was tearful and panicking about her science. And then she found you! She found the videos so helpful and her confidence grew each day... I have no idea how you have found the time to produce all this amazing stuff but thank you!”

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“Your website is our school website of the week in science... might just be website of the year!”

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