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We can facilitate subscriptions paid for by parents, at zero cost to the school. For further information, please request a quote using the form above. 

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Mr David Jones - Head of Science, Silverdale School, Sheffield

“We have no doubt that students of wide-ranging abilities have seen a boost to their GCSE grades as a result of using My GCSE Science. Being able to track and plan a personalised, effective revision programme really nurtures the skills they need to become successful independent learners in the longer term. That’s a real bonus.”

Mr Philip Balmond - Head of Science Thornden School, Hampshire

“My GCSE Science videos annually play a role in our flipped learning, interleaving and retrieval practice in both our Year 10 and Year 11 schemes of work. Students value the fact that the content that they have studied in school is summarised in short videos accompanied by relevant exam questions. These serve as useful learning checks for both students and staff. We believe that My GCSE Science helps to support our students through the two years of GCSE to their successful completion.”