Core Science from 53% A*-C to 77%
Additional Science from 67% A*-C to 83%
Triple subjects from 50% A*-A to 68%

It was an incredible jump in our results… we’re very, very happy with it.


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Teacher dashboard

Strategic use of My GCSE Science by schools boosts attainment at GCSE across a wide range of ability levels. 

Our teacher dashboard aids assessment of student progress through the specification, helping teachers identify where to target interventions individually, across classes and across year groups.

Drive improvement with active use of My GCSE Science alongside classroom teaching, as well as using it as an effective tool for students to prepare independently for exams.

About us

Best-in-class video tutorials and exam-preparation resources. Detailed data on student performance. An end-to-end solution for the Science Department. Our sophisticated, easy-to-use platform supports teaching, supports learning and improves results.

Meet the team

Our ethos

Teaching is more than just a job – and more than a profession. It’s a vocation. Nothing can match excellent face-to-face science teaching in school, provided by teachers with the time to teach. My GCSE Science is here to assist teachers in that vital role.

Our ethos

Teacher FAQ

What is My GCSE Science?

My GCSE Science provides best-in-class video tutorials and exam-preparation resources – an end-to-end solution for the teaching and learning of GCSE Science. 

  • Video tutorials across GCSE Biology, Chemistry, Physics, created by experienced subject-specialist teachers
  • 140 topics for Combined Science, 200 topics for Triple Science
  • Exam-style questions and answer schemes on every topic
  • Multiple-choice quizzes on every topic
  • Tutorials on maths skills and required practicals
  • An integrated progress tracker for students to follow their progress through the specification
  • Available for use at home and in school
  • Foundation and Higher tier resources

For schools, our sophisticated, yet easy-to-use platform supports teaching, supports learning and improves results. Exclusive features available with school subscriptions only:

  • A dedicated teacher dashboard to monitor student uptake and to track progress across the school.
  • Student progress on each topic is measured objectively via their performance on our multiple-choice quizzes
  • Free Triple Award access for up to 5 teaching staff

The videos have been created by experienced teachers of Science who are specialists in Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

To find out more about our teachers, see the ‘Meet the team’ section.

Whole school subscriptions

School subscriptions start at £495 per year. This includes free Triple Award access (worth £249) for up to 5 teaching staff. Exclusively with a school subscription, we provide a teacher dashboard to monitor student uptake and to track progress in GCSE Science across the school.

We provide whole-school subscriptions at bulk-discount rates, which translate to an exceptionally affordable cost-per-student.

Please use the schools quote form for a tailored quote based on the number of students you have and whether they are taking Double Science or Triple Science. Alternatively, email us at for further information.

Given the crisis in school funding, many of our subscriber schools have turned to parents to help pay directly for a My GCSE Science subscription. Schools can provide long-term access to students for their entire 9-1 GCSE course, while parents benefit from a deep discount on the individual subscription price.

Please click here for a template to forward to parents (based on letters used already by some of our subscriber schools). For specific prices on the rates for schools, please use the schools quote form.

Providing access to students from disadvantaged backgrounds is a top priority for us at My GCSE Science. The resource is a proven method of raising attainment at GCSE and therefore improving life chances for students. The per-student cost of a bulk order of My GCSE Science is less than 1% of the Pupil Premium awarded per student and is therefore an extremely cost-effective way of raising student performance in both absolute terms and relative to alternative uses of Pupil Premium funds.

Please use the schools quote form for a tailored quote, or email us at for pricing and further information.

Entry Level Science videos and Revision Plus resources are available, free to all, to provide students and teachers alike with a comprehensive overview of the My GCSE Science approach. We are not able to offer free trials of our Double Award or Triple Award videos and Revision Plus resources.

If you wish to assess the efficacy of the videos for yourself, before committing to a purchase for the school, we suggest you implement a flipped classroom strategy with Year 9 or Year 10 students, using our free Entry Level resources, and encourage your students to use the videos as both a learning resource during the school year, and as a revision resource ahead of the exams.

We are confident that you will see a major impact on GCSE outcomes, as already reported at schools which have used this approach with My GCSE Science.

Of course: My GCSE Science is compatible with all iOS devices (both smartphone and tablet) and also the vast majority of Android devices (both smartphone and tablet).

How does Whole School Access work?

My GCSE Science is keen to keep access as efficient, straightforward and hassle-free as possible for students and teachers alike.

At subscriber schools, we provide each student with personal access, but at a deeply-discounted price secured by the school. The subscription ‘belongs’ to the student, so students take control of their learning and revision. At the same time, our teacher dashboard allows teachers to see which students have signed up and how they are using the resources.

If you would like more information on how My GCSE Science school subscriptions work, email us at Or take a look at our brochure for schools.

My GCSE Science can be used as a self-directed resource. Our videos and Revision Plus resources are extremely helpful for both learning and revision.

Use of My GCSE Science encourages independent learning at a critical stage in student development. The exam-style questions and answer schemes allow students to decide whether it is time to move on or whether to review the video and their notes again until they have fully understood a topic.

Of course the resources can also be used in the classroom to complement schemes of work. Teachers can ask students to watch and take notes from the video clips in advance of a lesson, during a lesson or subsequent to an assessment.

Yes. We provide  comprehensive student data to teachers. My GCSE Science provides a dedicated teacher login for each school which provides all teachers with access to our teacher dashboard. This dashboard facilitates assessment of student progress through the specification, helping teachers identify where to target interventions individually, across classes and across year groups.

For more information on the dashboard, email us at or take a look at our brochure for schools.


No problem. If you take out a school subscription we can provide a ‘white list’ of our video URLs that can be used to permission and allow students to view our material while at school as well as at home.

Email us at for further information.

Teacher Testimonials

Mr Philip Balmond - Head of Science, Thornden School

Our students and staff have been using My GCSE Science videos since they were first published. They annually play a role in our flipped learning, interleaving and retrieval practice in both our Year 10 and Year 11 schemes of work.

The students value the fact that the content that they have studied in school is summarised in short videos accompanied by relevant exam questions. These serve as useful learning checks for both students and staff.

We believe that My GCSE Science helps to support our students through the two years of GCSE to their successful completion.

Mr David Jones - Head of Science, Silverdale School

Over the last four school years, feedback from our students has been consistently positive. My GCSE Science is an engaging and motivating resource and has helped deliver both learning and revision support. We have no doubt that students of wide-ranging abilities have seen a boost to their GCSE grades as a result of using it.

The teacher dashboard is a great tool, which helps the science department identify gaps in knowledge and deliver support to students as required. At the same time, the personalised video dashboards allow students to track and plan their own effective revision programme. This has proven to be a superb feature that really nurtures the skills students need to progress to A-level and become successful independent learners in the longer term.

Mr Michael Todd - Head of Science, Bishop Thomas Grant School

The massive improvement in the school’s GCSE Science results can be attributed, in part, to this online resource that encourages independent learning and revision and flipped learning in the science classroom.

It was the students of Bishop Thomas Grant that told us, their teachers, about My GCSE Science and this made me sit up and take notice. A one- stop shop for all the specification points of the AQA syllabus seemed too good to be true, but it wasn’t. Immediately I knew that we were on to something that was going to revolutionise the way students learn and teachers teach (and I use the term ‘revolutionise’ confidently).

Now, for the first time, staff and students have a set of succinct, video tutorials taught by someone with experience of the specification, assessment requirements and, crucially, the classroom too. Classroom teachers use the online resources in a variety of ways from tasking students to watch and take notes from the video clips in advance of a lesson, during a lesson or proceeding a lesson or an assessment. The assessment questions inform students if it is time to move on or to review the video or notes again until they have it right.

The author understands how students learn and its impact is tangible with 85% of our students attaining A*-A in Biology and Physics and 100% of our students attaining A*-A in Chemistry this year. The percentage of A*-C grades at Core Science also increased by 10% from 2014 to 78% and for Additional Science it was an increase of 31% to 92%.

I believe that My GCSE Science has had a huge part to play in this success and recommend it to every Head of Science.

Mr Adam Tomlinson - Leader of Science, Ormiston Sandwell Community Academy

Both students and my team found My GCSE Science extremely useful last year. The science department made use of it for research homework tasks and lesson preparation so that students would come to lessons with knowledge of the content for a unit.

We found we could really build upon this learning and focus on stretching and challenging students to apply and develop their theoretical knowledge in a range of contexts. On top of this, the students found My GCSE Science really useful when revising as they could pause and re-watch sections of content to either make notes or simply reinforce the concepts in their mind.

Because of the department’s effective use of the site, we saw a huge jump in the number of A*-A grades this year with a whopping 32% of all GCSEs attained in Science at either an A or A*, double the percentage of the previous year! My GCSE Science was a really well-received intervention strategy that we have repeated across the whole cohort this year.