The videos, note sheets and checklists were what really helped me to achieve a grade 8 in both Chemistry and Biology, and a grade 7 in Physics which for me was actually so shocking because I got a grade 3 for my mock exams and was predicted a grade 5. Thank you once again and keep doing what you’re doing. It really did help change my life in a way, because I was able to get into the sixth form I wanted to go to, and I’ll be able to study the course I wanted to study.


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Learning Videos

Best-in-class online video tutorials dedicated to the 9-1 Science GCSEs

Our teachers have created 200 concise, supportive video tutorials, which cover the entire specification in depth, topic by topic, across Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Watching videos is an enjoyable and effective way to learn and revise GCSE Science. We support you through the course so you’re confident and fully-prepared for the exams.

Revision Plus

Every topic across the three sciences is accompanied by multiple-choice questions to help you recap and quickly test your knowledge. Also, our expert teachers have created unique exam-style questions for each topic, to help you prepare for the exams. Detailed answer schemes, based on the 9-1 specifications, help you understand what’s required. Helpful hints and tips tell you which points to emphasise and which pitfalls to avoid. Revise effectively and ace those GCSEs!

Progress Tracker

Results from the multiple-choice quizzes feed directly through to your Progress Tracker, which helps you record your progress as you make your way through the GCSE Science course. The video dashboard for each subject is lit up with red/amber/green traffic lights so you can see exactly where you are. This helps ensure there are no gaps in your knowledge of the specification, so you can go into the exam feeling confident about getting the best grades you can 🙂

My GCSE Science Steps to Success

Watch Watch the concise, expert video tutorials covering all of
the 9-1 Science GCSEs
Learn Review the videos, in your own time, at your own pace until you’ve grasped the concepts
Practise Use our multiple-choice and exam-style questions to embed your learning
Achieve Feel confident going into the exam, fully-prepared to get the best grades you can

Student FAQ

What is My GCSE Science?

My GCSE Science provides best-in-class video tutorials and exam-preparation resources – for the learning and revision of 9-1 GCSE Science. 

  1. Expert, specialist teaching, direct to the student.
  2. Concise videos covering all of Biology, Chemistry and Physics.
  3. Unique Revision Plus resources to help prepare for the exams.

My GCSE Science is also a superb revision and learning tool. In the words of our students, “it’s like having a teacher right next to you,” providing guidance and support.

Expert, specialist teaching, direct to the student. All for a small fraction of the cost of a tutor.


My GCSE Science consists of over 200 video tutorials for each of the 9-1 GCSE Science specifications from the three main exam boards: Edexcel, AQA and OCR.

The resources have been created by experienced subject specialists, topic by topic, across Biology, Chemistry and Physics. They have been specially designed to align with the new 9-1 specifications.

Comprehensive information on the exam boards, qualifications and topics covered by My GCSE Science is available here.

The best online tutorials available, for all three GCSE sciences, bang on spec, at a small fraction of the cost of a GCSE tutor.

The resources available on on this website are:

  1. The Edexcel specification for the 9-1 GCSEs in Combined Science and Separate Sciences
  2. The AQA specification for the 9-1 GCSEs in Combined Science and Separate Sciences
  3. The OCR Gateway specification for the 9-1 GCSEs in Combined Science ad Separate Sciences

Our resources were created specifically for the English 9-1 GCSE and not the “international” IGCSE. However science is science and, overall, the material on iGCSE is very similar to that of GCSE. It’s just presented in a different way. We do not cover the OCR 21st Century.

Comprehensive information on which topics we cover is available here.

The videos have been created by experienced teachers of Science who are specialists in Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

To find out more about our teachers, see the Meet the team section.


Revision Plus is a unique package of specialist revision resources to use alongside the videos.

  1. Multiple-choice quizzes, covering every topic. These quizzes help students recap the video and assess their progress.
  2. Exam-style questions, created by our experienced subject specialists, cover every single topic across Biology, Chemistry and Physics.
  3. Answer schemes, based on the new 9-1 specification and schemes of work, help students with exam technique: understanding what is required to answer each exam question effectively.
  4. Hints and tips from our expert teachers provide insights into which points to emphasise and which pitfalls to avoid.
  5. A progress tracker on each subject has based on the multiple-choice quizzes. This helps students record their progress through the entire GCSE course, ensuring there are no gaps in their knowledge.

Prepare with My GCSE Science Revision Plus and go into the exam feeling confident about getting the best grade you can.

Follow our four Steps to Success:

  1. WATCH: Watch the concise, well-explained videos covering the entire new 9-1 Science specification.
  2. LEARN: Review the videos, in your own time, at your own pace until you’ve grasped the concepts.
  3. PRACTISE: Use our exam-style questions, answer schemes, hints and tips to embed your learning.
  4. ACHIEVE: Feel confident going into the exam, fully-prepared to get the best grade you can.

Click on the link to see our “30 Minute Learning Strategy“.

Yes, absolutely! My GCSE Science videos and Revision Plus resources are available to view on all Apple and Android mobiles and tablets, as well as on all current browsers on a Mac or a PC.

Learn in school, at home, or on the bus!

Yes! We provide whole-school subscriptions at bulk-discount rates, which translate to very affordable cost-per-student. For more detail, see our dedicated Schools page.

Please use the schools quote form for a tailored quote, or email us at for pricing and further information.

Individual subscriptions

My GCSE Science is the best resource for revision and exam-preparation… but it’s much more than that. It provides all the information of a GCSE Science textbook… but it’s much more than that too. It’s like having direct access to a knowledgeable, supportive Science teacher to help you navigate your way through Science during Year 10 and Year 11. All for a small fraction of the cost of a tutor.

Comprehensive pricing information for is available here.

The best, and best-value, 9-1 GCSE Science resources available.

My GCSE Science subscriptions are annual and expire each year on 30 June.

Get best value from the video tutorials and revision resources by purchasing the subscription as early as possible in the new school year. Subscribe now and start learning!

Go to our Pricing page and select the video tutorials and Revision Plus resources that you require. These will be added to your existing subscription package.

An Entry Level subscription is completely free. A Double Award subscription costs £24.95. A Triple Award subscription costs £49.90. To upgrade from the Double Award to the Triple Award costs £24.95, which is the difference between the two.

Get best value from the video tutorials and revision resources by purchasing the subscription as early as possible in the school year. Subscribe now and start learning!

Payments are single, one-off payments. We do not auto-renew subscriptions.

You can pay with a credit card or debit card. All credit/debit card payments are processed securely by Stripe. My GCSE Science does not hold any payment card details.

After payment, you will receive a payment confirmation email from Stripe. Separately, you will receive an email from My GCSE Science confirming the details of the package you have just bought. Your subscription will become available immediately upon payment.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding payment, please email

My GCSE Science Community

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Read testimonials from students and parents here.

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Student Testimonials

I just wanted to say thank you to the My GCSE Science team, as without them I would’ve never achieved 9-9-9 in GCSE Triple Science! The videos are so well structured and it was much better than private tutoring I previously received. I’ve had it since Year 9 and I can honestly say that I wasn’t even sure if I was going to continue with Triple Science however I am so glad I did. Now I have the confidence to take Biology and Chemistry A-Level! September 2022

Sana R

Before using My GCSE Science I was getting 7s in science. Today I have received a 9-9 in Combined Science. I cannot thank the teachers enough, especially the Biology teacher. Hoping something like this comes out for A-level. August 2022

Sarah S

I’d like to say thank you so much for helping me get 9s in Biology, Chemistry and Physics 🙂 I’ve never ever gotten a 9 in Chemistry and Physics before. I was so shocked! The videos were so informative and I loved doing the practice questions to solidify my knowledge. Thanks again! August 2022

Natalie B

I’m going to uni soon and I realised that I never said thank you for helping me get three 9s in Triple Science in 2019. My GCSE Science was the only tool I used for revision. I watched every single video. The videos are excellent because they explain things with such clarity that you are left with no questions like I would normally have had in class. This was definitely £50 well spent. Thank you so much for all the help!  June 2022