Our Ethos

My GCSE Science believes in the transformative power of a great science education.

Nothing can match excellent face-to-face science teaching in school, provided by teachers with the time to teach. My GCSE Science is here to assist them in that role.

Learning science can be challenging. For students, being able to watch video tutorials of complex concepts and to revise topics at their own pace can make a huge difference to their understanding and enjoyment of science. My GCSE Science is here to help students learn.

Our purpose is to
help teachers provide
a first-class GCSE science education to all students.

Teaching is more than just a job – and more than a profession. It’s a vocation. Teaching encourages children to learn about the world, to grow intellectually and to build upon the achievements of previous generations. But too often the contribution of education – and specifically of teachers – is undervalued by society.

My GCSE Science has the greatest impact when used in conjunction with classroom teaching. Our resources help teachers with key aspects of their jobs, from planning lessons to evaluating students. This means more time for teachers to engage directly with students to provide help, encouragement and advice.

We believe that every student should have the opportunity
to reach their full potential.

Access to university is dependent on GCSE grades, but too often student attainment at GCSE is hampered by a lack of resources in schools. The struggles that schools currently face in recruiting science teachers and in coping with funding cuts is having a major impact on educational outcomes and therefore students’ life chances.

Our video tutorials cover the entire GCSE specification across all three sciences and are delivered by teachers who are passionate about science and their specialist subjects. They are designed to enable every student to walk into their exams feeling confident and fully prepared, and to have the opportunity to achieve the best grades they can.

We want to help create the next generation of scientists.

Science has the power to transform lives – and to transform society. Given the challenge of climate change, science is critical to the future of humanity. It is through science that we understand the world around us and learn how to improve our lives and the lives of future generations.

My GCSE Science believes that a high-quality science education provides the foundation for a progressive society and for future prosperity, sustainability and environmental security. For this reason, we need to create a new generation of scientists. That starts with a focus on, and  investment in, secondary level science education.

Let’s work together.