Success stories

Testimonials from My GCSE Science students and their parents.

Hi I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you!! I relied on My GCSE Science so much during Year 11, to help get me the grades that I hoped for. It’s the best revision website I found. Nothing topped it. The teachers are so great and the videos are short, concise but very sufficient. The thing that really motivated me to watch all the videos and do the quizzes was the little progress bar at the top, I managed to get 100% green in the three sciences before my last mocks which was extremely satisfying. I never actually made any revision material as I believed that watching the videos and completing the set questions were enough for me. As we all know, there were no exams this year for obvious reasons but… I MANAGED TO GET ALL 9s FOR TRIPLE SCIENCE!! I was so shocked and I am, without a doubt, sure that this is all down to you guys. Now I’m taking Biology, Chemistry & Maths at A-level and hoping to pursue Medicine at university. If anyone reads this and is thinking of getting it, do it, it’s definitely worth it! 🙂 Enormous Thank You to the My GCSE Science team! 💕 September 2020

Just wanted to say thank you so much! With your fun and explanatory videos, relevant practice questions and helpful colour-coded multiple choice questions for each lesson (at SUCH an affordable price) I managed to get two 9s at GCSE for Combined Science last year. I’m now studying Biology and Chemistry at A-level and WISH there was something out there with the revision resources you provide, but for A-level content (at your reasonable prices). I simple can’t recommend you enough. (Also special mention to the Physics teacher! His explanations always made me chuckle!) A Year 12 Student. May 2020

Dear My GCSE Science,  I just wanted to say a massive thank you for such excellent resources. Being in the class of 2020 I didn’t get to complete my GCSE exams but in the mocks I was able to achieve 9s in all my sciences which is something I could only have dreamed of before I came across your website. I only started using My GCSE science in September of Year 11. My parents and I have never made a better investment in my learning, as before I was struggling even to get 6s in my Triple Science class. I’m now going on to take Biology and Chemistry at A-level, looking to pursue a career in the medical field. So I just wanted to express my gratitude for setting up such an amazing resource, guiding teenagers through GCSE Science. I wish you had the same for A-level! April 2020

I just wanted to say a huge thanks for your resources at this difficult time. I also wanted to let you know what a difference your site made to both my boys’ results. I know for sure that because of your online tutorials and quizzes, they actually enjoyed revising science!! I am delighted that my youngest son achieved 8-9 in his February GCSE mocks so should get that in his final grade assessment. Two years ago my other son also achieved 9-8-8 so decided to take Biology and Chemistry A levels — he is predicted AA for those too now, but I am certain the foundation of your resources helped with that! April 2020 

Thank you so much for your help! My elder son got three 9s in Triple Science and he couldn’t have done it without you. My younger son is now using them. He was struggling before, but once he started working on My GCSE Science he improved greatly. I keep telling my friends how great this resource is. Keep up the good work. April 2020

Just wanted to say a big thanks to My GCSE Science. I couldn’t have gotten Triple 9s without you. I heavily relied on your resources for my GCSEs, especially when some of the topics didn’t make sense to me in school. The videos were very clear, informative and concise for what was needed for the exam. The exam-style questions were also very helpful for tracking progress. I only wish you did A-level videos too as you really helped consolidate my understanding last year. August 2019

I got 9s in all three sciences. I can’t thank My GCSE Science enough. Your website and videos are amazing and without it I’m certain my grades would not have been the same. Thank you again. August 2019

I would like to thank My GCSE Science for being my saviour during my GCSEs. Thanks to your incredible videos and practice questions which were built perfectly around my exam board’s spec, I actually began to enjoy learning science during revision season, and not just feel obligated to. After receiving 9s in Chemistry and Biology, and an 8 in Physics, I am an example that even people who aren’t naturally inclined to science can achieve great results with a little push. August 2019

A 7-8 in Double Award Combined Science! A low 4 in the mocks so I’m really happy I found @MyGCSEScience as this wouldn’t have happened without you. Thank you!!! August 2019

There’s been 2 years since I came to London to study, I came from Brazil with high expectations though my English wasn’t very good. In Year 11 I discovered My GCSE Science. I used it until the tests finished and on the results day I was shocked by my results, with a fairly poor vocabulary I was able to get three 9s in Triple Science!! My GCSE Science has helped me to achieve my goals here in London and I’d recommend it to anyone who really want to get the best grades in GCSE Science, fabulous! August 2019

Thank you so much for providing such an amazing service. I got a 9-9 in my Combined Science, thanks to you. The videos were concise and informative, covering all the important parts of the specification. I felt completely prepared going into my exams and don’t think I could have achieved as well as I did if it wasn’t for this amazing website! I definitely recommend it for anyone that struggles to revise from a textbook as it engages you so much better. My GCSE Science truly helped me and  I really hope that other students will be able to see the benefits too. Many thanks for everything. August 2019

Just wanted to say a massive thank you to the team at My GCSE Science. I’d always had a lack of confidence in science and struggled with how to revise properly. The site helped by covering every necessary aspect of the course as well as the motivational emails I received to keep me going. I genuinely felt like I was learning a different subject because of how easy to understand it was. I ended up with an 8-7 which was two grades up from my mocks. Thank you! August 2019

Your resources certainly helped my son achieve excellent grades in his GCSE science with a grade 9 in Biology and 8s in both his Chemistry and Physics. All other GCSE grades were 7 or below. The website gave him something to focus on rather than just reading text books. He also found the answer sheets very useful helping him to understand what the examiner would be looking for. Thanks for such a fantastic website. August 2019

I got all 9s and it was because of you guys. Thanks so much for your help. 😊😊 August 2019

Our son picked up a 9 in Chemistry, an 8 in Physics and an 8 in Biology. We only started using this wonderful package a couple of months before his exams – because his school was saying he should drop the harder Triple Science papers. Wish we had used it earlier, will certainly do so for his younger brother. Many thanks to My GCSE Science. August 2019
Thank you! I got Biology: 9, Chemistry: 8 and Physics: 7! 🙂 Thank you for all your help, I wouldn’t have been able to do that without your videos and resources. August 2019

I wanted to thank your team for all the help I had for my Science GCSEs! For OCR Gateway A Combined Science I managed to get a 9-8! Thank you very much! August 2019

I got a 9 for Biology, an 8 for Chemistry and an 8 for Physics. Thank you My GCSE Science! I especially liked the message from your team before the first Biology exam which put GCSEs in perspective as not the most important thing in the world. August 2019

Thank you so much for your help. I missed out on a year of school and was predicted fails. I worked very hard using your resources as a form of independent learning and I went from a grade U in Year 10 to a 7-7 in my GCSE results today. Thank you.  August 2019

I got an 8 in both Physics and Biology and a 7 in Chemistry. I was predicted 5s and came out as the most improved student in my school year. Thank you so much. August 2019

Thank you My GCSE Science. I got a 9-9 in my Combined Science results today and all the credit goes to your videos. Thank you so much!  August 2019

A few months ago, I got a 3 in my science mocks. Today I achieved a 7-6 in my GCSE results! I could not have done it without My GCSE Science.  August 2019

I cannot thank you enough. I went from scraping 5s in mocks last year to coming out with a 9-9 in Combined Science. Thank you! From someone who used to hate science, I will actually really miss it and grew to love it in its own way.  August 2019

I just wanted to say thank you so much because today I got 9s in all three sciences and that wouldn’t have happened without My GCSE Science (as soppy as that sounds). Especially Physics, I practically taught myself the course using the tests and videos and it’s such a relief to know it all paid off so thank you once again!  August 2019

Thank you for your great resources @MyGCSEScience – Ciara got Physics 7, Chemistry 7 and Biology 6 we are so proud of her. Can you do a My A-level Science please?! August 2019

It wasn’t my results day today, but last year I got an 8 in Chemistry and Physics and a 9 in Biology solely because of your videos! I recommended it to my sister who isn’t the biggest fan of the sciences and she passed all her science exams today too! I just wanted to thank you because if it wasn’t for the confidence your videos gave me in Year 10 and 11, I wouldn’t be pursuing medicine today! August 2019

After missing a year of school everyone was doubtful that I would even pass my GCSEs. I got a 4-4 in my mocks and failed pretty much every test in class. I discovered My GCSE Science not even two weeks before the exams started, and used it for hours every day to revise/learn the content. Today I got my results and I got an 8-8!!!! I completely recommend this site, without it there is no way that I would’ve passed my exams, let alone do well. Thank you My GCSE Science!!  August 2019

First of all I would like to say a huge thank you for the great resources you put out there for students across the country. Your resources are extremely useful and motivating. From your emails of encouragement to the great videos and tracking system I really do feel as if you guys have helped so much and I am so grateful I found this website in Year 11. I did Double Award OCR Gateway and I got 9-9. I couldn’t have asked for more. Thank you again so much I really do appreciate it.  August 2019

My GCSE Science was recommended by a friend and helped push me up from 6s to getting a 9-9 in my exams! It’s so helpful, especially the multiple choice quizzes which help you test your knowledge. August 2019

I am extremely pleased and shocked with my results as I had been achieving a grade 4-5 during past papers throughout the year and was pleasantly surprised with a 8-8 this morning!!! Thanks for the help and I will definitely recommend My GCSE Science to my friends.  August 2019

@MyGCSEScience u guys will forever be in my heart – one 9 and two 8s in Triple Science! 🙏🙏🙏 August 2019

Hi! I just wanted to let you know that this resource has been amazing. I used it for all of Year 11 and I got 8s in Physics, Chemistry and Biology!! Many thanks! August 2019

Thank you so much for this amazing service. I got two 9s and an 8 in my sciences and I believe it is massively due to My GCSE Science. Honestly could not recommend it enough, my only wish is for there to be one just like this for A-level science. Thank you very much. August 2019

My GCSE Science helped me so much to improve my separate science grades and I’m happy to say I got a 9 in all three sciences! Thank you for this fantastic tool. I would really recommend this to any Year 10s searching for the best revision resources. August 2019

THANK YOU @MyGCSEScience! I moved to England 6 months before the exams and learned all the curriculum thanks to you. I’ve achieved a 9-9 in Combined Science thanks to your website. You’re a life saver. Please make an A-level version! August 2019

From a very happy student with an 8, 7 and 6 in the sciences, I am so grateful for your subscription and hope more schools will recognise how truly helpful you are as a website and as an organisation. Your blogs provided helpful tips, your videos taught me the content in the shortest time possible and the exam questions really gave me scope into the real exams and what to expect. Thank you very very much!

Just wanted to let you know that our son got 9-9 in his Combined science. We are delighted and think My GCSE Science helped enormously. I will definitely be getting this for my other son who is just going into Year 10. Thank you so much.

@MyGSCEScience. I’ve only been using your revision tool since September but it’s made such a difference! I got a 4-3 in science in July, then after using My GCSE Science I got a 7-6, only a few months later!! Thank you! December 2018

I just wanted to say thank you. My grand-daughter has just received her mock exam results. She’s gone from 5s in sciences to 8 in Physics, 7 in Biology and 7 in Chemistry! December 2018

The videos, note sheets and checklists were what really helped me to achieve a grade 8 in both Chemistry and Biology, and a grade 7 in Physics which for me was actually so shocking because I got a grade 3 for my mock exams and was predicted a grade 5. Thank you once again and keep doing what you’re doing. It really did help change my life in a way, because I was able to get into the sixth form I wanted to go to, and I’ll be able to study the course I wanted to study. August 2018

Thank you for the superb materials. My son got three grade 3s in the January mocks and his teachers predicted grade 4s. I signed him up to for My GCSE Science. He got 7-8-9 in the real exams and this was largely down to My GCSE Science. Outstanding from yourselves in all ways. August 2018

I achieved a 9 in Biology, an 8 in Chemistry and a 7 in Physics which really surprised all my teachers as I got all 5s in my mocks! And it was all thanks to My GCSE Science which helped me soooooooo much. So, thank you! August 2018

@MyGSCEScience. I was hospitalised for surgery and had the four months leading up to exams out of school, so I had to self-teach quite a few of my subjects, including the sciences. I ended up with 8s in Chemistry and Biology, and a 7 in Physics – a subject I truly thought I’d fail! Definitely by far the best revision source for science, I 100% recommend it to everyone and would suggest everyone uses the exam-style practice questions continuously throughout revision! Thank you! 😉 August 2018

I’d been predicted 6-7 since Year 9 for my sciences and I was really struggling in tests. But I decided at the start of Year 11 I was going to use My GCSE Science to help. I’m proud to say I achieved a 9 in Physics and Biology and an 8 in Chemistry, something that I would not have thought possible at the start of Year 11. I want to thank you for the great revision resources as they have really helped me. August 2018

At the start of Year 11, I was on a steady grade 4. Science seemed too much to learn in such a short time. I wasn’t organised and had little confidence in the subject. As soon as I’d created an account on My GCSE science and saw the organisation and layout, it motivated me to watch every video and learn what I needed to learn. My teachers predicted a grade 5-5, but I wanted to do better. So I revised on My GCSE science and I reckon 90% of what I learnt was through your site. It gave me confidence going into the exams. I achieved a grade 8-8  for my final result and I couldn’t be any happier. Thank you for your amazing website. August 2018

My daughter received 2 x 9 (Physics and Biology) and 1 x 8 (Chemistry). She received a 4 in her Physics mock, a 6 in the Biology mock and a 6 in her Chemistry mock. She used your site for all her revision for her final exams which according to her pulled her grades up. Thank you very much. August 2018

Many thanks for providing support, motivation and confidence to my son, who has just collected his GCSE results today. He has done fantastically well. From a mock result earlier this year of grade 4 and 5s, he has achieved double 7 grade in Combined Science, something we didn’t think possible 6 months ago. Having signed up for your website, he switched his revision from reading books to watching the topic videos, work sheets and the advice on how to answer model questions. All of this undoubtedly helped. Thank you again. August 2018

I found your website really helpful and it truly bumped up my grades! I found all of your resources really useful and I watched every video for Triple Science. My results are: Biology 6, Physics 7, Chemistry 7. Thank you for helping me. I wouldn’t have been as confident going into my exams without you 🙂 August 2018

I received a 9-8 for my Combined Science and I could not be happier! I was struggling with revising from text books. They were long and boring and I wasn’t taking in the information properly. Your website was recommended to me and revising became so much easier. I was learning all the relevant information and understanding everything a lot better. The videos are so well put together and the information is so well relayed. I could not have got the grade that I got without you. You really were my saviours and I cannot express my gratitude enough to you guys. I will definitely be recommending you to other students! August 2018

At mocks my results for science were Physics 5, Chemistry 6, Biology 7. I subscribed before Easter, watched the videos and answered the exam-style questions. A fews day before each science exam I revised all the videos for a second time. My grades in the actual Combined Science GCSEs were 9-9. Just wanted to say thank you for turning things round! Your platform is amazing. August 2018