Additional Science Videos Physics Unit 2

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Forces, Motion and Energy

Resultant Forces


In this video you will learn about forces and how they can interact with each other and affect the motion of objects. You will also learn about acceleration, deceleration and moving at steady speed.

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Distance-Time Graphs


This video shows you how to interpret distance vs time graphs and also how to calculate speed from a distance vs time graph. This video includes content for the higher tier GCSE Science exam. If you have subscribed to Revision Plus, the questions for this are combine with questions for velocity time graphs.

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Velocity-Time Graphs


In this video you will learn how to interpret velocity-time graphs and how to calculate acceleration using the correct equation and also the correct units. The questions you learn to answer will be from a graph, free text or from a table.

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Using Velocity-Time Graphs


In this video you learn how to calculate acceleration from velocity-time graphs and the distance travelled. This video contains higher tier content for the AQA GCSE GCSE Physics exam for unit two.

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Calculating Acceleration


This video explains how to calculate acceleration using two different equations.

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Terminal Velocity


This video explains how the forces interact for a falling object, whether it is falling in air or in a liquid. It explains why falling objects reach a terminal velocity. The example that is used is that of a parachutist.

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Forces on Elastic Objects


In this video you will learn that for an object that is able to recover its original shape, elastic potential energy is stored in the object when work is done on the object to change its shape.

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Work and Power


In this video you learn about the keyword 'work' and 'power'. You also learn how to use the equations for each of these measurements and you can try out a couple of examples.

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Gravitational and Kinetic Energy


This video explains what gravitational potential energy is and what kinetic energy is and shows you how to use the two equations that work out these measurements.

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This video explains the difference between weight and mass and how you can calculate the weight of an object using an equation which will be given to you in the exam.

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