Red-shift and the origin of the Universe



In 1927, Belgian priest and physicist Georges Lemaître solved Einstein’s equations of general relativity and predicted that the universe was expanding.  In the years that followed, this remarkable prediction was supported by astronomical observations.  Today, the fact that the wavelength of the light we receive from distant stars is longer than expected (in other words, that it is red-shifted) remains among the most convincing evidence we have that space itself is actually expanding.  This, coupled with the observation of ‘leftover heat’ from the Big Bang, provides convincing evidence that, roughly 13.8 billion years ago, the entire Universe came into being from a huge explosion which started from a tiny, super-hot region.  Isn’t life strange?

Key Words

universe, space, dark energy, heat, speed, Steady State, wavelength, theory, light, Cosmic Microwave Background, red-shift, CMR, Big Bang, radiation, expanding