Transformers and power transmission



Before watching this video, please ensure that you have understood the following topics:

  • Electric charge and current; Potential difference, current and resistance; Power and energy transfers (Electricity)
  • Induced potential difference; Transformers (Magnetism and magnetic fields)
  • Work done; Power and efficiency (Energy)

The current which flows through the primary coil of a transformer leads to the production of an induced current in its secondary coil.  This video looks at the physics and mathematics behind the use of transformers in electric circuits, and explains their importance with particular reference to the efficient transmission of electrical power across the National Grid.

Please note that this topic will be examined in the higher tier papers only.

Key Words

iron core, number of turns, power, primary, current, secondary, potential difference, transformer, step-up transformer, step-down transformer, coil, primary coil, secondary coil