Core Practicals Biology

Core Practical: Sampling in Ecosystems

Edexcel Biology 06:11

This video specifically focus’ on the Core Practical ‘Investigate the relationship between organisms and their environment using field work techniques including quadrats and belt transects.


Edexcel Biology 06:18

This video introduces respiration (both aerobic and anaerobic), the very reaction that is keeping you alive! The video also covers the Core Practical ‘Describe how to investigate the rate of respiration in living organisms’

Investigating Photosynthesis

Edexcel Biology 07:57

This video covers the Core Practical ‘Investigate the effect of light intensity on the rate of photosynthesis’ as well as some key associated math skills

Culturing Microorganisms

Edexcel Biology 07:15

This BIOLOGY ONLY video covers the use of aseptic techniques in culturing a population of bacteria that is not contaminated by any other microorganism. Once a culture is set up, the effect of antibiotics or disinfectants can be studied using comparative areas of inhibition zones.

Core Practical: Osmosis in Potatoes

Edexcel Biology 07:55

This video covers the concept of osmosis which underpins many biological processes and it covers one of the Core Practicals on ‘Investigating osmosis in potatoes’. One important math skill is also covered which is to calculate percentage changes.

Core Practical: Food Tests

Edexcel Biology 06:03

This video covers the Core Practical to ‘Investigate the use of chemical reagents to identify starch, reducing sugars, proteins and fats’. The video also covers which monomers make up these large food molecules and how to calculate the energy content of food.

Core Practical Investigating Enzymes & Calculating the Rate of Reaction

Edexcel Biology 05:04

This video covers the core practical ‘Investigate the effect of pH on enzyme activity’ and covers the math skill of calculating the rate of reaction.

Microscope Drawing and Measuring cell size

Edexcel Biology 09:32

This video should be viewed in conjunction with the ‘Microscopes and Magnification’ video where possible, as it details how to draw scientific high and low plan drawings from specimens viewed under a microscope. It also explains how to calculate cell sizes. All of these skills feature in the Core Practical on Microscopes.